Me neither...

Sometimes I disappear, I leave this world,
sometimes I just leave without saying a word,
but don't miss me, oh pretty boy, please don't miss me
I may not come back. I am not me anymore.

I'm leaving home tonight,
I won't be here
so please don't worry when I tell:
I'm not there.

Say goodbye to me, say goodbye boy,
here is when you are filled with joy,
I won't feel a thing as I tell:
I am not there.

4 comentarios:

claudio dijo...

ah q chingon, oye pero no te vayas, yo si te quiero no como el tonto de tu novio, anda, dejalo y se mi novia si? sisisi?

Electrovision dijo...

también se mi novia va?!!!!!

Sr. Mimo dijo...

si supiera inglés sabría que decirte

Miss Mac Lovegood dijo...

Nessun dorma!
And that's all I'll say to you... 'cause it's all I know... hahaha!