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"As I'm sure you know, there are many words in our mysterious and confusing language that can mean two completely different things. The word "bear", for instance, can refer to a rather husky mammal found in the woods, as in the sentence "The bear moved quietly toward the camp counselor, who was too busy putting on lipstick to notice," but it can also refer to how much someone can handle, as in the sentence "The loss of my camp counselor is more than I can bear." The word "yarn" can refer both to a colorful strand of wool, as in the sentence "His sweater was made of yarn," and to a long and rambling story, as in the sentence "His yarn about how he lost his sweater almost put me to sleep." The word "hard" can refer both to something that is difficult and something that is firm to the touch, and unless you come across a sentence like "The bears bear hard hard yarn yarns" you are unlikely to be confused."
-Lemony Snicket in A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The End.

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Miss Mac Lovegood dijo...

Jajaja, a huevo!!!
Tendre que conseguirme todos, SIIII, TOOODOOOOS!!!

Y al final, me prestaras ese.

Va? :D

Ya estoy mejor. Algo no-feo pasó. Ya te contare luego :D

Sr. Mimo dijo...

Lemony Snicket es lo más. Aún recuerdo cuando en el cole mis compañeros me miraban con desdén cuando leí toda la serie... si tan solo hubieran comprendido tantito, se hubieran reído mucho

amaru dijo...

jajajaj, no entiendo, no hablo no leo inglés, eso, saludos y gracias siempre por pasar...