O how I've dreamed of you, my life
I renamed you bed dog car tree park
I love you, I love you not
You can't see me and I can't feel you.

O how it hurts inside this room
the walls the doors your face the floor,
timeless tickings on the clock,
eternal pain a tear a mock.

O your words, your icky tongue
your mercyless fingers
your soaring eyes
finally you came out walk talk
laugh write O my O my
took away my eyes and my left hand.
Took away my tears and my pens.
So I won't cry nor write
nor look at you in the eye.

2 comentarios:

Sr. Celuloide dijo...

"(Sixteen reasons)
Why I (why I) love you
(One) the way you hold my hand
(Two) your laughing eyes "

¿qué película es?

Lalaú Lovegood dijo...

Oh si... tu poemilla esta genialirijillo!!!
Ya quisiera escribir asi en ingles... demonios... ya me oxidé!