When we met, you were pretty and I was lonely. Now I'm pretty lonely.

Te has dado cuenta de que sos una huérfana...
The writer who can most accurately and elegantly describe the path of the three orphans was an associate of mine who, like the man who wrote "The road less traveled", is now dead. Before he died, however, he was widely regarded as a very good poet, although some people think his writings about religion were a little too mean-spirited. His name was Algernon Charles Swinburne, and the last quatrain of the eleventh stanza of his poem "The garden of Proserpine" perfectly describes what the children found as this chapter in their story drew to an end, and the next one began.
The first half of the quatrain reads,

That no life lives forever;
that dead men rise up never;

and indeed, the grown men in the orphans' lives who were dead were never going to rise up. And the second half of the quatrain reads,

That even the weariest river
winds somewhere safe to sea.

The orphans were winding there anyway, and that is one thing I know for certain.

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Lalaú Lovegood dijo...

Wow... cada vez me sorprendes mas... y ese título... ouch! No es que no quiera... de hecho lo entiendo... entiendo por qué me deja... pero POR QUE???

P.d. Sorry por lo emo de ahi arriba (waca!) Y pues... te kiero muchisimo nenis!