Tough love baby...

We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times, you'll go back to her and I'll go back to black.

Once I met this guy, he had written on his forehead his destiny, like a tatoo, it said: "Bad luck", and God! it was right.
He was the kind of guy who buys a puppy for her daughter at her 8th birthday, the next day he tooks his car out of the garage to go to work and guess what...no, he didn't run over the dog, he ran over his daughter.

So...this is my life -he told me- even now, after all these years, she still walks funny.

I understood instantly what he meant, he wasn't talking completely about his daughter but about his own life, and I don't think anyone had said anything better about life or death.

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El hombre de titanio dijo...

Un vuelco inesperado, que feo!
Y nadie nunca antes jamas habia dicho algo mejor sobre la vida ni sobre la muerte.

Un buen stuntman sabe pasar rapidamente de la vida a la muerte

the man with a beard but no hair dijo...

hahaha wow que chido, yo quisiera conocer a ese pobre hombre, quien es? presentamelo para poder reir en su cara!

Miss Mac Lovegood dijo...

Wow... debio tener una infancia dificil... pobre...