Here, where the world is quiet...

When we grab you by the ankles,
Where our mark is to be made,
You'll soon be doing noble work,
Although you won't be paid.

When we drive away in secret,
You'll be a volunteer,
So don't scream when we tell you:
The world is quiet here.

4 comentarios:

Electrovision dijo...

aqui, donde el reloj, mira shtt (la manita), no nunca nada marca

the man with a beard but no hair dijo...

aqui, donde la muerte.
(si, solo asi)

Lau dijo...

Aqui donde la tranqulidad invadiò nuestro ser ... llegada la hora

chris dijo...

aqui, donde anita es reina y es diosa.
aqui, donde anita es lady vendetta